French Lights
All French Lights and Lighthouses
in your Android smartphone or tablet.

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The application "French lights" presents more than 1000 lighthouses and lights from France and its surroundings.

For each lighthouse, you'll find:
- a characteristics sheet with description, height, elevation of the light, range, photos, visit informations and its location.
- a detailed map to visualize the range, sectors and colors of each light.
- a simulation of the light
- a route calculation to get there.

Lighthouses details are available by:
- a "Map" view to locate all the listed lighthouses.
- a "List" view that can be sorted according to several criteria: alphabetically, user distance, range, type of light (colors), height , elevation.

This application requires the installation of Google Play Services Play (13 MB).

All data and pictures can be viewed offline. Maps and visit informations need an internet connection.


"French lights" is not a navigation aid application. Data from the lights were not checked by SHOM and are for reference only. The author disclaims all liability for misuse of them.

Fog signals described in this application are not necessarily in service. Most of them are, or will soon be stopped.

Known issue:
- On Android2.X, return from detailed view to list view is slow, and causses problems in settings view submenus.


Historique des versions

Révision 3.1 (05/11/2023):

Révision 3.0 (15/08/2023): Réécritrue complète

Révision 2.4 (06/2021):

Révision 2.3 (25/07/2015):

Révision 2.2 (11/02/2015):

Révision 2.1 (07/2013):

Révision 2.0 (16/06/2013)

Révision 1.1 (28/10/2012)

Révision 1.0 (06/2012)

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